25 things i’ve learned

hi loves,

so i just turned 25, a quarter of a century, and decided to share 25 things i’ve learned thus far:

  1. everyone isn’t your friend – like seriously. a lot of people who i thought were down for me, weren’t and i can’t lie. it hurts but it’s better to know so that i could leave them behind.
  2. never put all your eggs in one basket – basically make sure that you always have options. always.
  3. have fun – i know personally, i try to plan everything perfectly. unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. so it’s good to have fun and enjoy the ride.
  4. smile – you never know how a smile will positively affect someone.
  5. pray, meditate or have a quiet time in the morning – to always keep my peace, i have daily prayer and meditation before i start my day. it’s honesty the best part of the day, to just focus in on what matters before the busyness begins.
  6. have a good pair of go-to jeans – i didn’t know what this meant, until i invested in a pair. I love my jeans because they hug my curves perfectly.
  7. find a creative outlet– for me this is writing. i always have a myriad of things going on through my mind so it’s a decompresser to write.
  8. exercise– my number 1 stress reliever is running. i try to at least 3 times a week. i don’t have a certain amount of time or miles, i just run until i can’t anymore.
  9. find people who are doing better than you – this is one of my main goals in 2017. not that I’m doing bad, but i always strive to better myself. with that being said, i’ve figured out my goals for 2017, and now i’m looking for people who are doing those things or who have already done those things so i can better myself.
  10. travel – literally this is the best thing i did in 2016. i was able to go to LA, chicago and new orleans just to name a few. i’m actually on vacation now. figure out your budget and see where you can save money to travel the world.
  11. relax –  everything is going to be ok. i promise.
  12. be true to yourself – i can’t lie, my 20s have been so much fun, but sometimes, i can honestly say that i did some things that others wanted me to do. i’m taking 2017 to re-focus and figure out what i want in life.
  13. get off of social media –  ok maybe not this literal, but i was talking to a friend the other day explaining how social media can portray things that aren’t really true. i mean social media gives people (including me) the opportunity to make a fake life. make sure you don’t compare what others are doing on social media to your own life.
  14. you are where you’re suppose to be at this specific time – you may be in a kick ass part of your life or a not so great place, either way it’s going to be ok.
  15. always be positive – no matter how you feel. it will always come back to you. that’s the law of karma.
  16. remember your manners – they will take you a long way.
  17. get a good group of friends – i was very successful in finding good friends with similar interest in 2016. now i’m looking for an even broader group of friends to become a better human.
  18. do scary things – like really scary. travel by yourself, skydive, meet a stranger. these things only broaden your experience and help in the long run. i mean we only live once right?!
  19. learn about yourself – last year a learned A LOT about myself. i fell in love twice and got my heart broken right before christmas and my birthday. yea it sucked, but i learned so much from that experience and am grateful. learning that i am an overcomer and how to love myself unconditionally really helped me get over those breakups.
  20. don’t force things – i probably stated this before but it’s important. the people who are suppose to be in your life will be. things will happen how they are suppose to.
  21. be happy – need i say more?
  22. find a religion, spirituality, etc. – i think the best thing i did in 2016 was switch churches. i am a progressive, christian so it was important for me to find somewhere i felt comfortable. even if you’re not into christianity, find something that can give you peace. it makes a huge difference.
  23. find your passion and do it – whatever sets your heart on fire, do that. it may not bring you money at first, but with hardwork, it can! i am passionate about black creatives and non-profits which is one of the main reason i hosted, “a creatives brunch”. we raised 1k to help a local non-profit.
  24. save money – you never know when a rainy day will occur.
  25. try not to procrastinate – this is the hardest part for me, especially since i’m a capricorn. i’m guilty every time but i am doing better. just try!

did i miss anything? let me know.

next week, i’ll be sharing which direction i’ll be taking with my blog. can’t wait to share!


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