3 truths about me

hi loves,

i always want you guys to know whats going on with me, so i decided to share some not so well known facts.

  1. I use to be she shyest person in the world. i’m not sure what happened, but post-undergrad, i started talking to everyone. i’m sure blogging was a major push in me becoming the social butterfly i am today.
  2. lays plain potato chips are my favorite snack of all time. it doesn’t take me long to eat the family-sized bag of chips. i’m not sure if i should be proud of that or go hop on a treadmill.
  3. my favorite thing to do is travel. one of the reasons i switched my blog from style to lifestyle is because i wanted to share my travel experiences with you. in fact, i have an update in my travel life and will share it with you guys soon.

those are the major things going on with me. what are some interesting facts about you guys?


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