gender neutral fashion

hi loves,

one upgrade i’ve made in my wardrobe is to include gender-neutral clothes like the jeans i’m wearing below. 

according to merriam-webster, gender neutral is, “not referring to either sex but only to people in general gender-neutrallanguage.” gender neutrality heavily focuses on people as a whole. this idea has become widespread in the fashion community while brands and designers gear pieces to gender-neutrality. to me, clothes are clothes. it’s easier for me to buy high-waist jeans from the boy’s section at the thrift store because they have a wider selection. i enjoy mixing it up! 

i encourage people to wear what they feel comfortable in, no matter what section of the store it comes from, as long as that person is being their authentic self.


eclecticallymeagan gender neutral fashion 2 eclecticallymeagan gender neutral fashion 1 eclecticallymeagan gender neutral fashion 3

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