happy, happy, happy


hi loves,

today i am celebrating a few things.

  1. my blogger anniversary is friday. i’ve been blogging for two years and it has been nothing short of a blessing. i’ve seen the positive impact i’ve made on so many people’s lives and that alone is enough to make me happy. on top of that, i honestly enjoy writing about my fashion and style experiences and sharing them with you guys. it’s very important to me that you guys get to know me and feel my authenticity. i mean honestly, thats what blogging is all about, right?
  2. friday is also my birthday! i’ll be 25 and feeling kinda old, although everyone tells me i’m very young and have A LOT of life to live. i’ll be taking a personal vacation to recharge and finish planning out the rest of 2017.
  3. also happy new year! i’m almost done with writing my goals down for 2017, but some changed majorly when i decided to finally step out of my comfort zone in two areas. i’ll be sharing them later!
  4. i am finally happy. 2016 was really up and down for me. and honestly, december was kinda hard. but i had a major comeback and got refocused. i’m┬ávery grateful for every experience 2016 brought me and will take those lessons in 2017! please don’t let anyone steal your happiness, no matter what the situation is.

well there is an update for me. what’s going on with you guys? what did you do for NYE and what are your goals and/or resolutions?eclecticallymeagan happy happy happy


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