my travel bucket list

hi loves,

lately, i’ve been really obsessed with traveling. so, in honor of national travel and tourism week, i’m sharing my top 20 places i want to travel in 2017/2018. i read, “how to travel the world for $50 a day,” which was the catalyst for this list. it taught me the step-by-step way to save, budget and ultimately travel the world for little to nothing. to me, it is the bible for travelers.

now i’m listening to podcasts thanks to schanae of nomadnae, and stumbled on the “zero-to-travel podcast.” the podcast talks about everything from being a nomad, to minority traveling, to rv’s to being healthy on the road. i can’t lie i am addicted, but it’s good information.

vancouver is number 1, but thankfully i’ve already booked my trip for the late fall.

  1. vancouver, b.c.
  2. seattle, wash.
  3. seoul
  4. greece
  5. boston, mass.
  6. italy
  7. brazil
  8. louisville, ky.
  9. japan
  10. australia
  11. new zealand
  12. united kingdom
  13. san francisco, calif.
  14. cuba
  15. bali, indonesia
  16. austin, tx.
  17. toronto, canada
  18. costa rica
  19. nairobi, kenya
  20. dc

do you like to travel? what places are on your bucket list. let me know in the comments!

my travel bucket list

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