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this is a sponsored post however, all opinions are my own.

you guys know that i swear by a twa (teeny weeny afro), but believe it or not, there was a time when i wore wigs. yes, i was faithful to the wig hustle. i think my environment at the time contributed to my wig obsession. if you’re looking for a good low to medium budget wig or hair in general, bobby boss wigs are the way to go. this is one of the only brands i will wear.

we all know wigs are always a good protective style, or a fun way to switch up your style. a few points to remember while wearing wigs:

  1. style wigs according to your preference –  creating a natural-looking wig can be a challenge. there is a ton of information on the internet to help, but this is a must.
  2. pay attention to any heat settings pertaining to the wig – depending on the wig (synthetic or natural) heat may or may not be a good thing. make sure you check the packaging on the wig before making any decisions.
  3.  if needed, gently wash wig – depending on the wear of the wig this may be a good idea. gently washing the wig with a mild soap, and letting it air dry can keep the unit looking fresh.
  4. consider wearing a wig cap underneath the wig – this practice can protect your hair big time.

do you wear wigs? what tips can you share?

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